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Standard of
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (Korthals)

The morphology of the KORTHALS Griffon



General aspect
Vigorous, hardy dog of medium size. Longer than tall. The skull is not too wide. The muzzle is long and square. The dark yellow or brown eyes are topped but not covered by bushy eyebrows and the well-developed whiskers and beard give it a characteristic expression and convey firmness and confidence.


Tall and long, with rough bushy coat, but not too long with well-defined mustaches, beard and eyebrows.


Cranial region
Skull not too broad. Stop (facial angle): break not too pronounced.


facial region
Nose always brown. Muzzle long and square, muzzle slightly hooked, of the same length as the skull. Dark yellow or brown eyes, large, round, topped but not covered by the eyebrows, of very intelligent expression. Ears of medium size, not curled, applied flat, placed not too low, the short hair which covers them is more or less mixed with long hair.


Moderately long, without dewlap.


Significantly longer than the height at the withers (from 1/10th to 1/20th). Strong back. Kidney well developed. Chest high, not too wide, slightly rounded ribs.


Carried horizontally or at the tip slightly raised, covered with bushy hairs, but without plume, should be cropped by a third or a quarter. If not cropped, it would be worn horizontally with the end slightly raised.


Straight, vigorous, bushy coated, well parallel in action. Shoulders well attached rather long, very oblique.


Hind limbs
Bushy coat. Thighs long and well muscled. Well bent hocks, not straight.


Round, solid, well-knit and arched fingers.


Harsh, coarse coat, reminiscent of boar silk to the touch, never curly or woolly. Under the outer coat is a fine, dense down.


Preferably steel gray with brown spots or uniformly brown, frequently rubican or roan brown, white and brown, white and orange coats are also allowed.


55 to 60 cm (21-1/2'' to 24'') for males, 50 to 55 cm (19-1/2 to 24'') for females.


55 to 65 lbs for males and 50 to 55 lbs for females.


Faults: Any deviation from the above should be considered a fault which will be penalized according to its severity.


NB Males should have two normal looking testicles fully descended into the scrotum.




History of the standard (1886)

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