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Puppy Health Guarantee

Our puppies are examined by an experienced veterinarian at the 7th week and we make sure that your new companion is in good health before leaving us. We also guarantee that during the first 5 days of his new life, we will cover the veterinary costs if necessary (you bring the puppy back to us and we will take care of it).


Our puppies receive their dewormers and are vaccinated at the 7th week against dangerous viral diseases. 

  • Distemper

  • Parvovirus

  • Hepatitis

  • parainfluenza

We guarantee puppies are healthy when they leave us.

Canadian Kennel Club Certified Pedigree

When adopting your puppy, you receive a copy of the registration from both parents. Your puppy will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club with a non-breeding agreement.


A 24 month guarantee on congenital and genetic anomalies and the clauses thereof will be discussed with the prospective purchaser. Neglect (nutritional deficiency or excess weight) or lack of proper care may void the warranty.

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